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Adding Text to a Collage Product

Australian made Photo Gifts: Adding Text to a Collage Product

Printing online photos is a breeze with Picture Postie. Our free app has been enjoyed by over 100 000 Aussies who love turning photos into long-lasting photo gifts and collages. Whether you want wall photo tiles or photo books for family and friends, Picture Postie has you covered.

How to Add Text to Your Collage

Picture Postie is one of Australia's most loved photo printing apps. You can confidently customise your product of choice, including our photo collage, to create the perfect gift for those you love. Follow these simple steps to add text to your Picture Postie photo collage:

  • Select your photo collage product. That might be a Collage Apron, Mug, Cushion, Tote Bag, Collage Print, or our Collage Tableware

  • Select photos and create your product.

  • Once your product is created, you can replace an image with text by tapping the image in your product. This will open up the image and a list of other images in the product. Above the images is an option that says ‘text’. Tap this option.

  • Type your text into the text box and scroll through the options for various fonts and background colours.

  • If the text becomes cropped, use your fingers to pinch and expand the text to suit.

  • Press the tick to save your changes. The replaced image will remain in your thumbnails if you want to use it in another slot.

More Ideas for Beautiful Collages

Adding text is just one of the ways to customise a collage to make it a gorgeous photo gift. Switch photos and layouts with ease on Picture Postie, which is free to download and backed by professional printing, hand framing, local sewing and fast dispatch from our Melbourne photo lab. We ship worldwide with photo collage placemats, table runners, table cloths, and aprons just a few of our popular collage products.

Don’t miss our helpful guide to learn how to edit a collage product by changing where they are placed and checking the cropping.

Enjoy Printing Online Photos with Picture Postie

When it comes to photo printing apps, Picture Postie leads the way in simple, high-quality professional photo printing. Now that you know how to add text to a collage product, you can make the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

Check out more of our handy how-to guides and download our app to get started printing photo gifts from Australia today.


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