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Editing a Photo Collage in the Picture Postie App

How to Edit a Photo Collage with Picture Postie

Read our step-by-step guide on how to edit your photo collages for home décor or sentimental gifting.

  • Create your photo collage using the Picture Postie app.

  • If your product has been created and you’d still like to make some changes, such as swapping photos or cropping and zooming, tap on the image you’d like to edit.

  • The image you have tapped on will enlarge and a list of all other images used in your collage with pop up.

  • From the list of all the other images, you can swipe through and find the photo you wish to change.

  • Once you have the image you want, tap it and it will replace the original photo. You can pinch the screen to also crop and zoom in or out for your desired effect.

  • Lastly, press the tick and your collage is complete. With easy navigation, you’ll see why Picture Postie is one of the best photo printing apps out there!

Printing online photos for decorating your home or for sentimental gifting is made easy for the users of Picture Postie. When using the Picture Postie app, we want you to have your desired results in minutes! The app provides an effortless user experience for printing online photos and we provides loads of personalised photo gifts, including photo collages and photo books.

With our photo collages, we want to make sure we get it right, every time. That’s why we are one of Australia’s leading photo printing apps. So, if you want to learn how to edit your photos and design your collage to your liking, keep reading!

Our Guarantee for Photo Gifts Australia

By using Picture Postie for printing online photos, whether for around your own home or as amazing, personalised photo gifts, you can rest assured you’ll receive high-quality products made locally. With simple to follow editing steps, your collages will be curated to your liking, ready to be shipped anywhere worldwide! Our guarantee is that your favourite moments will be brought to life with our products and are sure to last a lifetime. Save time and memories with Picture Postie.

Download the free Picture Postie app today and see why we’re one of Australia’s best photo printing apps for personalised photo gifts.


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